Vedix Haircare Products Review

Vedix hair care product

Vedix Haircare Products Review

Hair is a beautiful ornament that is more attractive to all men and women in the world, those who do not have hair, only understand the pain of not having hair. Timely hair care is very important. So it is very important to take care of your hair in time. Videx hair growth products contain herbs that are known to treat alopecia-induced baldness.

Accordingly, Videx Hair Care Products is one of the most popular hair care products and they can help you get healthy hair. The company claims that Vedix is ​​an Ayurvedic doctor-approved hair care method and it solves your unique hair problems. It makes your hair healthy, strong, and shiny. If you want to know exactly what it is and what it can do for hair, here is a complete Vedix review for you.

What is Vedix?

Vedix is the name of an ayurvedic hair care brand. It is ​​the first and only customized Ayurvedic hair care system in India. Vedix’s various hair care products are designed to solve your hair’s unique problems. A professional team of Vedic Ayurvedic physicians takes care of all the customized hair care products.

No matter what your hair is, you can get a customized product for it at Vedix. The Ayurvedic doctors working here identify your hair problems before recommending the right product for them. A team of physicians working at Vedix finds the unique source of your hair problems after intensive research.

How does Vedix solve hair problems?

If you go for Vedix Hair Care Product,  incompatible with any other hair care product, you will have to go by a three-step process to solve your hair problem. This process is a little more time-consuming. Also, Vedix only offers customized products. So it is mandatory to follow these steps before making your buying.

Take Vedix doshas Assessment Questions and Hair Analysis by an Ayurvedic Expert:

In this Vedix Hair Quiz, you will be asked some simple questions related to your body, your preferences, and your lifestyle. This will help you find your “unique fault profile”. And Once you have analyzed your errors and their advanced states with the inputs provided, you will be sent details by an expert team of Ayurveda practitioners who will ensure that you get only customized solutions.

How does Vedix work in science formulation?

According to Vedix, all the problems related to your hair are due to the growth of “doshas” ” in your body. “Vata”, “Kapha” and “pitta” are the three basic “doshas” and disturbance in any one of these doshas”  can impair the functioning of the body. Both your hair and skin are sensitive to these internal changes.

If you suffer from hair loss, dandruff, or dry scalp, it may be responsible for a higher defect inside your body. Vedix can identify these defects inside your body with the help of an online questionnaire and the problem control products are then formulated according to the input given by the people. You have an Ayurvedic-approved analysis of your hair and a product that works well on your hair.

If you have any questions about the product and its use, you can contact them via the Vedic contact number available on their official website. Also, you can sign up for your own account through your website once you have completed the Vedic registration process.


What Does Vedix Box Contain?

Below given are the products contained in the Vedix Box. They all are customized products, so it takes time to get delivered to you. Also, most of the Vedix products are expensive too.

Vedix Anti-hair fall Oil.

Vedix anti-hair fall oil consists of unique “dosha” (problems) specific herbs. This unique blend of herbs may solve elevated doshas and their impact on hair fall. It has hair-nourishing properties and may strengthen your hair right from the roots.

Vedix Anti Hairfall Shampoo.

The all-natural Vedix Anti-hair fall shampoo is a non-harmful, mild shampoo made up of 100% safe and organic plant extracts like Bhringraj, Aloe-vera, Yashtimadhu, Gunja, and Quinoa protein.

It makes the hair root and scalp stronger and also prevents dirt, pollution, and excess oils from your scalp. It also makes your hair beautiful naturally right from the roots.

Vedix Hair Regrowth Serum.

This innovative hair growth serum may trigger hair growth and gives deep nourishment to your hair. It is a water-based serum and gets absorbed quickly to your hair roots and strengthens them from the roots.

The serum contains natural ingredients such as Aloe-vera, Bakuchi fruit extract, and Gunja seed extract, Bhringraj, Pushpa, Yasthi root, Japa, etc.

What are the Benefits of Vedix Hair Regrowth Serum?

Before going through the benefits of Vedix hair regrowth serum, please note that Vedix is a new addition to this field. Below given are some of the benefits of Vedix hair regrowth serum, claimed by the company.

* Induces Longer, Shiner, and Thicker Hair:

Aqua-based Vedix serum is easier to seep inside your scalp tissues with all the ease quickly and strengthens your hair follicles. Thus it promotes thicker and better hair growth. It boosts longer and glossy hair growth by boosting the absorption of essential herbs.

* It Stimulates Growth of Hair.

Vedix serum detoxifies your follicles and boosts nourishment on an internal level. It fixes the inflamed follicles and helps new and thicker hair growth.

* Maintains PH balance:

All the medicinal herbs contained in the Vedix hair regrowth serum regulate the oil production and maintain the right PH levels and hence hair begins to grow more.

Moreover, the serum is highly desirable because it is light in weight and non-sticky.

 How to Use Vedix?

Best Hair Regrowth Serum: Buy Vedix Hair Regrowth Serum Online

To use Vedix hair oil, you need to take 5-15 ml (based on the length of your hair and apply it all over your scalp. Massage this oil gently for 5-10 minutes. Leave the same for an hour or two and then use Vedix Hair fall shampoo.

For using Vedix Hair regrowth serum, you have to ensure that your scalp is dry and absolutely clean. Instill a drop of 3-5 ml of serum on your hair root with the help of a dropper. Gently massage this serum on your scalp for about 5-10 minutes and use this serum every alternate night or two hours before you go to sleep.

  Book Your Custom Vedix Box Online:

Once you completed the above two steps, you can choose a package that works the best for you. Vedix custom hair care regimen boxes can be ordered right from your home.

Vedix Plans and Pricing: How much does Vedix Cost?

As Vedix sells customized products after seeking advice from Ayurvedic doctors, the products are a bit expensive.

  • For one month supply, you have to shell out Rs 1699
  • 6 month supply would cost you Rs 999
  • For a 3-month supply, you have to pay Rs 1499

If you order one box of Vedix containing hair fall oil, shampoos, and serum, you will have to pay Rs 2697. You can upgrade your monthly plan or cancel your order anytime during the subscription period as your requirement.

Both men and women are really upset about their hair problems. They are waiting for a product that can solve their hair fall and other problems. Vedix is reliable because it follows a customized method adopted by Indian Ayurveda. Tried and tested formulations can prove to be a great savior.

After using this product your hair becomes shiny smooth and silky. I advise everyone to use this product and get healthy and thick hair. It is better than any other product in the market in this category. After using it 6 to 7 times, the hair fall rate is reduced.

Thank you Vedix for providing such good hair care products that are too customized as per our hair problems.

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