We spend a lot of time in life for others but have we ever thought about whether those who spend time for us respect it or not? Maybe not I am speaking from the practical experience of my life if you don’t like yourself if you think you are ugly, then how can you think others will respect you? I think if a person loves himself and respects himself, he will love others as much as he respects himself. Some people consider themselves very arrogant and think they know everything, the rest are all Useless, and insignificant! I spend a lot of time in life imitating others. I think this is the biggest mistake in life!

How one can be inspired?

We are inspired by all the people of the world. We respect the wise people of the world, we try to learn from them, and we are inspired by them. But have you ever wondered why I am inspired, surely not! As we are inspired others can inspire us. For this, only our great personality deserves respect and no other person.

How situation change our decision?

I don’t want to insult anyone with my words, people may think as they wish. But life doesn’t Stand, life goes on at its own pace. Many things in life are not limited to our wishes and needs. We can’t say anything even if we want to, we can’t do anything even if we want to. Suppose it is raining heavily and the road is very slippery but we have to go, then if I slip and fall on the road, am I responsible for it at all? My point is that our efforts may not always attract the attention of others, but that does not mean that our individuality is belittled.

How does a mistake tell us the truth?

There are many small mistakes in life from which we do not learn but sometimes under the pressure of life, we forget those lessons and make mistakes again.  Are we the only ones responsible for that? As the seasons change, we are affected, and we don’t adapt but by mistake, if someone steals warm clothes in extreme winter, will you blame yourself for that? I left the question for you!!!

For example, when we pour water into a bottle, some water falls out, and we cannot pour it all into the bottle. Here, own education is of no use. I think education is for developing yourself, not for showing off! After passing the exam, you can get a certificate and maybe a job! But you will judge whether the real education is received or not!

How to trust yourself?

Sometimes in life, there is no point in degrading yourself. Choose to live with your head held high. Black or white as God has made, thank God for that, think of your mother, and father, bow down!

Respect cannot be gained through fear, be humble, and love others, and you will get respect and love.

A few lines

When the flower slowly blooms from the bud, people are captivated by its fragrance.

Evolve thyself like a flower; let thy glory spread far and wide,

But the body is as hard as a stone, hard!!!

As the stone lives forever even on the top of the mountain!!!!!!!!

Piklu Chanda


TRUST YOURSELF AND YOUR GOODNESS-Hello India… The answer right now!


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