Today’s View

Today's View

Hello friends welcome & very good morning to you all. Today’s view

Today I want to share u something It is my personal experience If want to have success in your life You need to work hard. But it does not mean to work continuously till death of your life. You need to work hard for the time being just like to plant a tree & rest of life just to look after it. Friends life is very precious we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. So whatever you have its for today only. Don’t think for tomorrow start right now. Before starting anything think & plan for it & fix goal for it don’t think about failure we know “failure is the pillar of success“. That is experience so gather experience to enjoy a joyous life.

The sweetest victory is the hardest. For which you have to go deep inside, fight with whatever you have, be willing to give up everything on the battlefield un unknowingly, until the moment of death, if your heroic efforts are enough. Society does not repay defeat, and you will not find many failures recorded in the history books.

The exceptions are the failures that create the stage for more success. The same thing happened to Thomas Edison, whose most memorable discovery was the light bulb, which took him 1,000 attempts before he made a successful prototype. “What did it feel like to fail 1,000 times?” “I haven’t failed a thousand times,” asked a journalist, to which Edison replied. “Light bulbs were a thousand-step invention.”

Think what to do why to do & when to do…. If u can decide then login today & share us your experience For a bright future.

Your friend Piklu…