The Exit Poll or Exact Poll of Tripura Assembly Election:2023

The Exit Poll or Exact Poll of Tripura Assembly Election:2023

The Exit Poll or Exact Poll of Tripura Assembly Election:2023

Tripura is a beautiful state in NE India. But in the sense of Politics, it’s totally different from other parts of India. Tripura always follows West Bengal and is also connected with the neighboring country Bangladesh. As the nearest state to Assam, most of the people depend on Assam for Education, Medical, and Business. So, the influence of Assam can not be overlooked also, especially of Barak Valley. Bengal, Bangladesh, and Assam Tripura have their own similarity in language and culture. Although Regional culture is a permanent and prominent base of Tripura. Nowadays it is difficult to identify the separate culture in Tripura. A mixed culture was created due to inter-caste marriages in the City area. The existence of civilization depends on its expansion and absorbing capacity of the society.

However, it’s a crucial moment in changing the phase of Tripura. This Election result set a tone for Tripura’s development and growth. Mixed culture and geographical location may be a deciding factor in Tripura’s politics.

  • The mood of Voters for Assembly Poll:2023

Meanwhile, in the last election, I noticed one thing in the last election worked for the game-changing of tripura politics and the BPG-led coalition govt, formed in tripura and got its ist by chance CM Biplab Kumar Deb as a new captain of seven sisters. Other political parties never understand the nerves of the young generation group. The oldest party trusted their hardcore CPM-led coalition-minded old-aged people to lead their front.

They totally overlooked young new voters resulting in their failure to retain power. The same thing continued after losing the election poll and fighting back to retain power again. they left their cadre in the face of trouble. And during the election, they make pre-poll alliances with congress in a hurry to defeat the BJP-led Govt. But in the practical field, the cadre-based political party CPM front never accumulates sufficient current to convert voters into an EVM Box for political change.

  • Issues for the Political Parties

It is also mentioned that pre-poll and post-poll violence in tripura is a common trend. It may be necessarily not required and also for the good image of Tripura. People of Tripura mostly 70% maintain their livelihood as day laborers. Because there is no Industry setup due to many reasons it may be cost-consuming to set up any industry and trust building of strong political willpower. Moreover, BJP led coalition tried its best to set a tone of development and mind-changing play among mass people.

Although the price hike of CNG demoralized the mindset of the general people just before the election poll. And political scenario could have been more interesting if the opposition brought the issue in front of the citizens. The scattered efforts were developed in several parts of Tripura and little hesitation was created in the mindset of voters but finally failed to convert voters into Ballot BOX to change.

  • Influence of TipraMotha in Assembly Poll in Tripura

The sudden rise of Tipramotha after the demolition of IPFT played a role, game after game situation created but beyond the main agenda and Tripura’s reality. Motha may be a different issue if they change their agenda in comparison to the population ratio. But said the party also fails to give a clear picture to its voters. Surprisingly, the sudden announcement of his sannyasa by Bubhagra Produyt Kishore Debbarma before the election poll. TTADC election and assembly election is a different situations. The existence of Political Ideology is a different thing, people cannot deny it but the real situation also can not be overlooked.

  • Expected Poll result in 2023

The onesided election scenario may be a deciding factor. This Tripura Assembly election poll favored the leading party in a better situation. Although a fair poll scenario and rising voting percentage may create little beat confusion.

Finally, as a whole scenario, BJP led Coalition will be in a comfortable situation to get the majority in Tripura State Assembly. BJPs main advantage in setting its promising development agenda and bringing a new fair face Manik Saha as CM candidate. Moreover, promising encouragement of the young generation especially new Voters BJP’S solid strength for this election.

The exit Poll or Exact Poll of Tripura finally be decided on the 2nd day of March. Wait for the moment. In this election probably people voted for Peace and development.

The Exit Poll or Exact Poll of Tripura Assembly Election:2023