The Beloved Mother Earth

Beloved Mother Earth

Beloved Mother Earth “all about love about her creation one human being can easily realise”

Nature is a perfect example of the love involved in every particle of the earth. We may look back on our daily lives sometimes or sometimes not we realize something and then we are surprised and forget the correct structure of real life. The utterance of some words that arise in the mind may be rare.

Starting from the moment of our existence in the womb, to understand or say the struggle of our existence, we have to be ready for every moment of life. Nature establishes its being through our evolution and we are only for it. Our true form exists in the essence of nature. So I understand that we are the first owner of motherly love, then we grow up in the lap of nature. We will never be able to overcome this dependence. No matter how many struggles come in life, destiny drives us in its path to develop its being.

Quoted From my Poem

Beloved Mother Earth

I can only hear eavesdropping
The whispering of the wind-
How many stories of Falling Dry Leaves,
I do not want to pretend more!
But I can’t stop that.
Death is like a sudden accident-
Groaning today, but all the way off!

I, as soon as I eavesdropped, closed my eyes
I hear the rain crying,
I am amazed by the scent of Rainy Shravan! (Sravan Bengali Rainy month)
I see a hungry vulture in Night’s dream-
There I feel the size having hand on chest,
Now I understand that all the frustration will end!
When I heard the screams,
I opened my eyes and saw-
Vegetables, fish, Vendors shouts,
Can’t hear the temple bell,
Peek outside view, do not trust!

A single ray of sunlight through the window gap
Enters the house in fear,
The restless rain come to an end!
I seek life,
It seems that Mrityunjaya ( God of Death) is in an accident today!

(This poem above is all about a small example of the state of mind when a person is approaching death but nature and the birth mother never let her child get lost, cherish her with infinite affection till the end of her life and take shelter in her safe lap even after death.)

Besides that all of our expectations leads us to forged or compromise with quality of learning essence that we achieved earlier. Whenever we are in trouble we look back to our past to review, this process is very common. we always prefer safety of lives in any situation to reveal natural adoption process. This process of self introspection introduces meaning to meaning and develops one’s personality, whether it is sincere or external. Common sense is just an expression of eternal truth and self-purification.

Sometimes the expectation of an ever new one drives us out of our inner being. Miraculous deceptive ideas deceive us, the mind is easily attracted to it, may be that’s why we sometimes deviate from the real truth and fall prey to delusion. No matter how simple the effort may be, we may mistakenly call it the situation that leads us astray. The consciousness that arises in our minds in the mother’s womb gradually affects our independent being.

Later on

Later in life we become completely dependent on nature. Every now and then we become accustomed to sitting or losing, we create our own existence here with the exception that then maybe one day we will lose ourselves. The search for victory keeps people refreshed on the path of life, but the search for the ever-present one drives people to the magic of a unique situation. When I want to face the truth of real life, I want difficult and accurate review in fact the simple truth is hidden among the people.

All the existence of our life is hidden from the mother. Throughout our life we have been in the midst of the existence of the mother and this is the real and real truth. We do not get deprived of mother’s affection even if we make a thousand mistakes. We take shelter in our mother’s lap at every moment of life and she is the mother of nature or life. If we review our being Mercury, it is never possible to deny that the external image emerges in front of us. The essence of success is to realize that all the forces of the world are hidden within oneself. His perfect example is the motherly love that has prepared us.

In conclusion,

it can be said that all the forces of the earth are created to develop our being, its first step is mother and nature which gives us shelter in every step of life, makes us strong and makes us confident. Gradually we evolve again in trouble of life take shelter in the lap of mother’s safe place & Nature and Mother never give us back empty handed.

God is our imagination. We build God with our own faith. That’s why the path is so different. But the loving mother is real. Nature, earth, sky, air are the embodiment of everything. The world is like a mother.

Beloved Mother Earth

By Piklu Chanda

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