Hello India

Hello India Hello India, it’s not an address or Slogan only. It’s the response from the heart of every Indian.when I was a lad, I had no idea about my future. Now, I can understand and can express myself easily. Fantastic experience I am going to share with you today. Just have patience and continue … Read more

আলমন্ড খাওয়া Heart এর জন্য ভাল

 সকালবেলা দুই থেকে তিনটি আলমন্ড খাওয়া আপনার জন্য ভাল প্রমাণিত হতে পারে। আলমন্ড আসলে কত গুরুত্বপূর্ণ সেই সম্পর্কে জানতে গেলে প্রথমেই এতে কিধরনের বিশিষ্ট রয়েছে সেটি জানতে হবে। শরীরের সাপেক্ষে এটি নানানভাবে সুবিধে দিতে পারে। আলমন্ড মিল্ক এবং আলমন্ড কাস্টার্ড অথবা আলমন্ড ফ্রুট স্যালাড, যেভাবেই হোক আপনি কিন্তু এটি খাওয়া অভ্যাস করতে পারেন। আলমন্ড খাওয়া … Read more

আত্ম বিবেচনা একটি পর্যালোচনা | Self Consideration A review

উদ্দেশ্য পর্যালোচনা  আমরা জীবনে অনেকবার নিজের প্রয়োজনের তাগিদে অন্যের সাথে বন্ধুত্ব করি। তারপর হয়তোবা কোন কারনে স্বার্থের দরকষাকষিতে আমরা একে অপরের শত্রু হয়ে উঠি। জীবন কিন্তু তার নিজের গতিতে চলতে থাকে। আবারো বন্ধুত্ব হয় আবারও হয়তো সম্পর্কের মাঝে চিড় ধরে। কখনো বা সম্পর্কের দরকষাকষিতে আমাদের অস্তিত্বই শেষ হয়ে যায়। তবুও মানুষ এমনি করেই বাঁচে। কেউ … Read more

Harmful effects of beauty products

Harmful effects of beauty products Honestly, makeup has become a necessity for most women and Men also. They believe that they can’t get out of the house without at least five different types of cosmetic products. The market for cosmetics has grown so much that not only are there different cosmetics for each part of … Read more

Benefits of hibiscus flowers for the skin

The benefits of hibiscus flowers for the skin are reliable and rich in antioxidants, which are called anthocyaninsides. It has been proven that antioxidants help fight harmful free radicals in the skin that interact with polluting skin such as ultraviolet radiation and traffic pollutants and can cause premature skin aging. What are the benefits of … Read more

12 Ways to Boost Your Immune System-TWS

12 Ways to Boost Your Immune System- There are doubts about how I can survive in this conflict situation. Doubt we have to go out as usual for our profession where colleagues, friends are some of them infected with us or not, what will happen to my family if I get infected? Lots of questions … Read more

Snapchat- The Smartest way to share a moment!

By Piklu Chanda Snapchat – The Smartest way to share a moment! Snapchat- the smartest way to share a moment was founded in 2011 by all Stanford University students Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy. According to reports, Brown came up with the idea of a social media application that allows users to post … Read more


By way of choosing membership is the best thing. Members  believe they can do to support an organization’s mission  even more than making a donation!   This finding itself should be enough to encourage members. Like wise to have a membership. Fans programs and prioritize support for them! Membership campaign only 100 slot  available click to … Read more

A Personality Traits PIKLU CHANDA

  Man’s personality traits are just a combination of his surroundings until the last moment of his life. A Personality traits mainly reflect people’s characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and of course I can say that its existence depends on from human faith & situation & his living environment. The perception of everything … Read more

The Beloved Mother Earth

Beloved Mother Earth “all about love about her creation one human being can easily realise” Nature is a perfect example of the love involved in every particle of the earth. We may look back on our daily lives sometimes or sometimes not we realize something and then we are surprised and forget the correct structure … Read more

Impression about your personality

We often base our influences on the roles and social norms expected from people. In addition, after you make this initial impression you can create an idea of a city bus driver based solely on how you would expect a person to behave in that role by considering individual personality traits. Subsequently, you can say … Read more