Self consideration | A review

আত্ম বিবেচনা একটি পর্যালোচনা Self consideration | A view

Many times in life we ​​make friends with others for our own needs. Then may be for some reason, we become enemies of each other in bargaining for interests. But life goes on at its own pace. Friendship is again, maybe a rift in the relationship. Ever or bargaining in a relationship ends our existence. Yet people live like this. No one can keep you away from the embrace of eternally enchanting life. Self consideration | A view is all about self trust also.

After the Cov-19 situation, the pain of the loved one is making people cry again and again. People can’t forget the pain of losing relatives even if they try. The people closest to him, the dearest of the people, moved away from him one by one. In an instant, all the joy turned to filth. True, the world may be alive, but the pain of guilt in the human mind will never be erased.

The emergence of love in human life is very secret. Man can never understand when the man he likes takes root in his heart. It is a feeling of heavenly bliss, which is very difficult to express in words. People continue to rely on their own love in their minds. The spring of human life comes only once but its effects continue throughout life.

Due to the influence of time or circumstances, people change in such a way that people no longer have anything to fear. The fear thing works for people for a while until people face reality. When people face reality, people no longer have fear in their minds. We can also call him an experience. No wonder the world and its people are even more surprised.

Just as there is no water in the hot desert, all the problems of the world are too small for human experience or existence. The problem becomes a mountain to human beings, it is not eaten slowly, it merges into the existence of human beings.

By overcoming all the problems of the world, by making the impossible possible, man creates his own new existence in search of something new. Thousands of people do not want to stop. It is as if a man stands like a wall in the midst of a destroyed creation. This is the pursuit and success of human existence.

The moment of struggle in human life is very difficult. Despite many efforts, people cannot get out of the moment of struggle, whether that struggle is for survival on earth or for the expansion of their own existence. Circumstances force us to endure many things with our eyes closed. Protest sometimes brings benefits and sometimes protest comes back to itself as a question. Then the struggle began.

Whether it is discussion, news, or protest, it is spontaneous self-realization in human life and maybe just an attempt to find something new. So there is no need to look down on any protest. Protest always has to be respected. If anyone ignores the protest, then the protest will one day become a question in itself, blocking all our paths and standing in front of itself. Then no one will be able to find the solution. It is a very simple and practical law of nature.

Self consideration | A view

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