Personal Judgment | व्यक्तिगत निर्णय

Personal Judgment | व्यक्तिगत निर्णय


When self-esteem vehemently opposes, one has to believe that this is the right time to make a decision in life. It is a proven fact that people protest only when they have no option but to protest. Otherwise, people adapt to all circumstances. Some spontaneous beings are born within us and we cannot deny them if we want to. This is the general law of nature. But it must protect its Personal Judgment | व्यक्तिगत निर्णय

Whoever is the plaintiff or the defendant should have the right to argue the truth. As an example, I can say that when there is a quarrel in the house, there is no specific reason for it. Next comes the question of respect and love. If you follow someone, you will see that you have enough respect in your heart. Again, if you love someone without any worries, you can see his good deeds, bad deeds, faults, and faults in a beautiful way. because you love him. Nothing is impossible when love or respect is lacking. Sometimes you have to review it a lot and think for yourself. But this thing is not awakened in people even once, that is why there is so much trouble.

Practical Example

When we go to the doctor with our problem, the doctor asks us what is the problem? We tell the details to the doctor. Still, the doctor does not prescribe our medicine. To really understand your problem, the doctor may send you to a lab for testing or refer you to another doctor. This is a very general and common rule.

But in real life, we ​​don’t do much research on this thing. We don’t want to solve our problem or don’t want to take it seriously we don’t understand what is our problem and where is the solution? There may be thousands of questions, but we cannot solve them. Until we realize the exact source of our problem and our needs and self-assessment.

Another thing that I have realized in life is not to trust others too much. If we add more water to the milk than necessary, then there is no milk left. Similarly, in the case of life and everything, some distance has to be kept or danger will come.

Life needs such intimate moments and equally exclusive and abandoned moments. Those who balance it in life do not face any problems. But when we confuse the difference between the two, the problem begins, some problems are solved, and some problems are never solved. Somewhat diseases like cancer.

Personal Judgment | व्यक्तिगत निर्णय

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