My Life My Story

my life my story Hindi Part-1

When it comes to Tripura web solution it would be incomplete If I unable to say something about its beginning as a child, you must have seen or heard the Barter system from time to time. Although economics as a subject in college life, its existence is much more in real life. The barter system is a system that in the past, when no communication system was developed or there was no communication system, there was a kind of market system called exchange system( Barter System). People used to exchange goats instead of cows, mangoes instead of bananas, and sometimes Servant.

This is the rule of buying and selling the life of the people of that time. How strange was not the matter!
Although there were many differences in the exchange system, it was a very common practice at that time. It seems strange to exchange a cow worth 100 rupees with a goat worth ten rupees. But with the passage of time and arrangements, it was very accurate and applicable. In today’s life we ​​can never think of that. We want a penny and we want it right. But we only keep it in mind when it comes to new things, we don’t even remember it when it comes to old things. And this is where Tripura Web Solution was born. We want to live with the new as well as the very old. is a small attempt to create a common platform for all.


sincere congratulations to all the dear friends who have joined our Tripura Web Solutions today. Inspired by their love, I am floating without being overwhelmed with some emotion.

My point today is very simple and straightforward. Suppose I don’t have an exchange for a note of Rs 2000. Someone comes to give us even without asking for. It is the identity of our humanity. This feeling is spontaneous in people, you don’t have to pay for it, you just need show a little love and sincerity.

If we all use this subtle feeling together, surely many problems will be solved! Let’s hold each other’s hand so that we can move forward with the present as well as the past by loving the past. That’s all we’ll see again for today.
Stay very, very good.

Will continue..


My life My story


My life my story [10:33 AM, 7/23/2021] Today I suddenly remembered Bhajan Da. Bhajan Da is an active comrade of our labor union, dear Bhajan Da, dear to everyone.
My acquaintance with Bhajan Da being a Railwayman. If I weren’t working in the Railway service, I would never have been able to communicate with such good people. Bhajan Da was a very hard worker, he forgot about his family and stayed with the union all the time, he loved everyone. Everyone loved him and called him Bhajan Da. But I was not so much involved with the union. Ashish Da and Nath Da guided me to join actively with the union.

Now I am

talking about Bhajan Da. The first time I met him was with Ashish Da on the Karimganj platform. When an active Union office bearer meets someone new, the only target of the union officials is to join them with the Union. Ashish Da was with Bhajan Da who did not know about me. After getting acquainted, he started talking about Union matters. Ashish Da interrupted and said I will take a look at it later because Ashish Da knew me I was also involved in this union.

Not seen for a long time then, but in 2013 when I transferred to Tripura and posted at JIRANIA. Then we got connected once again. Bhajanda was a man with a big mind. The biggest thing was that he knew how to love others, he knew how to value the words of others. And most of all, he was very dedicated. He forgot about his family and drowned all the time with union. That was the only attempt to make people better.


slept together, we talked, we ate, we walked around, no matter how small our identities, there are some memorable moments that can never be forgotten. I remember talking to me, a few days before he died, Personally, he was in dire need of help at that time because no one is so prosperous after retirement! I tried as per my ability. If someone is sick after retirement, then a lot of money is spent and there may be a shortage. But I think if it weren’t for the Cov-19 lockdown our favorite Bhajanda would never have died, he was very healthy at 65 years old.

There was an impossible sincerity in bhajan da that could easily attract someone. Now the pillar of our union, Rakhal Da, Bhajan da is no more with us but we feel their absence very much. There are no more people to put their hands on their heads.


who are there, are a little like Sahab, the main goal of saving themselves. In fact, My comment may be controversial, it may not be liked by anyone. What I have achieved through my life, through life experience, I have noticed one thing is very clear, the mentality of the people is “I have not come to give, I have come to take”.

There are more than half of the employees in the railways who want to get paid without working, and they are doing well. I can see that they are ‘Bindas’ without working. The fact is that why the thing is not caught, is to make up for the group work, no one’s fault is caught. And by chance, they are caught, No matter but they have mastered the trick of cheating, they continue with a lot of ability and tricks.
will Continue …


My life My story


I can’t tell that love story to anyone now but rather I preserved it for the future. If there is ever time, space, I must tell the whole story. Till then let live with a fusion of a love story. By the time I was over 45, more than half of my life had passed. Looking back, it seems like a story. The fear of the future actually remains in the memory if you put yourself in the measure of success and achievement in life. It is very difficult to say like a failure, but it is also very difficult to find the right adjective to express success.

When there was plenty of time on hand, a lot of time was spent searching own existence. Sometimes it seems that my place where I am is not meant for me. Wonder to see, how I flew and sat down here? It took a long time to realize the truth. How it be possible to do so much work in such a short time when it just comes to landing an Aeroplane! So it feels a bit like fetching a glass of water from the sea. Still, I try to keep up the good work to not waste the rest of my life.


are made many times but only time can tell how long it is possible to keep. I have promised many times that I will write anything while sitting down, but I cannot keep my promise. Today I promise to write something again. I have no intention of bothering anyone with my own story but I apologize if anything happens.

I was telling the story of Tapas’ life, I don’t know where and how he is now? I lost contact with him again and again as he did not have money at all to recharge his phone. He came to me by cycling 8 to10 miles many times but I don’t know where Tapas is now? My mind hurts but there is nothing I can do. I’m telling a story. I was on duty at the station for that day. I don’t know if I will be able to keep my promise in this life but I promised him that if he has any problem, he will not tell me to die. Few days before when he was very sick, maybe Cov-positive, but the poor have a strong body, without any care remained at home, and got cured without any treatment.

I looked at him and was surprised, seeing his physical condition. I got a little scared, what happened to you, you became completely dry wood? ‘The answer came slowly in the throat, I was very sick, I had a fever. First Dad, then Mom, then I had a fever for a month. I realized the fact because I had this problem last year I recovered 1 month 3 days.

I realized

everything because at that time he had no choice but to come to me. He was telling on the way, Thakur, you should meet. After finding me he thought God had found. He said, Sir can you give me 4000 rupees! I never had an excuse. I do this for him whenever he is in need and he rushes to me. I help as much as I can but I can’t solve the problem, it’s my misfortune.

I tried but couldn’t because of the oppression of love. I don’t know how long I will have to bear this loss but it is very painful to me. When thinking about those who are associated with me like Tapas. But there is nothing better I can do. Here I feel very sad and destitute, I feel very alone. But I’m still trying. Getting involved with Tripura Web Solutions is just an effort. The purpose is very simple, I have passed my life, I can manage to live comfortably. But what I can do for those whom I promised? I do not know if God will give me that strength but I will not back down in the struggle until I do this. I could only pray to God, oh God give me a chance to use the time I wasted in my life.

My life My story will continue…