Today, after a long time, I will share a childhood story with you, if you like it, please like and share it. Many things are hidden in the mind. We can never express it but when we get a little older and think about life, those little words of childhood catch us in the form of stories. I will also share a childhood story with you.

These many times have thought in my life, but I still doubt how much I have learned from the experience of that day. A story I will share with you today from the clips of my memory.

Our home is where we lived. It was on top of the small Meto hill. The road is adjacent to the main road. And the road was a dirt road. It was a bit difficult to get up on the bicycle and someone needed help. One day it happened that when I was studying in college, maybe first year. I was coming through that road when a Punjabi gentleman from my neighborhood was riding a bicycle with a battery, I was behind him.

At that time there was no electricity in our neighborhood. There, the TV was watched with batteries, so once a week the battery had to be charged and brought back. I couldn’t think when he was getting up. I was a little proud that he would ask me to help but that day the gentleman probably had the same idea. But because of the egos of both of them that day, even after wanting to help, I couldn’t help. But might be then he did not ask me to help? Maybe I should have helped her without asking. But I could not do it because of my self-esteem. Still today I feel guilty for this.

From that day we used to watch TV at their house, and my image became very bad for him. The reflection of which I understood then. Then often when I saw someone getting up with something heavy or pushed, I would spontaneously help. The experience of that day taught me.

But a little boy’s childish mind may have a little pride Why should I help you when you didn’t tell me? You will judge the truth and falsehood. Maybe there were times before you that you needed help but for some reason, it was not done. We never can.

Even today, when I go out in the car, I remember that incident of childhood. If someone is standing on the street, I give a lift without a doubt. The words of my childhood come to my mind again and again, the gentleman is not alive today. He died in his own state Punjab. They also have a very big tragedy, I will tell that story another day.

A small story of an ego problem, we lived surrounded by tea gardens. And those who worked in the tea garden are Babu or tea garden laborers. They thought themselves too big. We had nothing to do with the garden. So I never cared about them. As Bagan Saheb or Babu, at that time they had a certain expression or mentality which is difficult to explain. Maybe this Punjabi gentleman had an ego because he was a mechanic,  in a tea factory. Although the British left the country, their culture remained in the tea plantations. He never asked me to help that day because of his pride. And I also had the ego that I am not your tea garden labourer. So, I wanted to help that day but I couldn’t for myself pride.

If the people of our own country had done this, then it might be scary to think how the British would have treated the Indians at that time. Freedom fighters were in my blood, we are descendants of freedom fighters. It is good to say that the bugle of India’s freedom struggle was first sounded from Dhaka. I can proudly say that my ancestors and my family were part of the freedom movement.

Ego fighting is very important in life, no one wants to lose there. So maybe one day the country was free after bathing in the blood of Indian martyrs. We Indians are proud to be citizens of a free country now. Joy Bharat.