Since the time of the Cov-19 situation, people are afraid to understand the Cov-19 situation or to handle the situation. Really it’s a disaster for the history of mankind. Our civilization failed to face the situation but the people tried their best to overcome the situation. Every people should realize the fact or the situation they have faced during this pandemic situation. The demise of close friends and family members never be forgotten in a lifetime anyway. But for the natural understanding people Starts living once again. I will share my experience with the Impact Of the Cov-19 situation.

One thing that should be learned from this pandemic situation is that people are very careless. It is very clear if you study the situation sincerely. I have seen in my city how people are handling the situation. People tried to keep secret the disease in the initial period, but when infection increased and infected the whole family and city, they started crowding hospitals. And suddenly become the situation as Pandemic. Everywhere people start dying even it becomes difficult for cremation. Remains only Fear…Fear and Fear. But during this situation Govt. tried their best for the safe sake of people’s life. Once again scientists make proud of their innovation to save mankind.

From my personal experience

I will show you where the mistake is and how to handle such an unexpected situation!

  1. Treat the situation as a Disaster and bring a solid and systematic setup for handling the establishment by the Govt. may be imposed medical emergency during Pandemic Situation.
  2. Govt. should issue a compulsory advisory to the religious community even if required need to issue proper guidelines to implement with proper education about the situation in advance.
  3. There should be a specific law to disobey the guidelines and need to implement without any mercy.
  4.  Like the People census, there should be one establishment to maintain peoples details history record like Medical, Finance, Education, Religion, etc etc and to issue a linked Identity card Physical and online too.
  5. Proper education from Childhood in primary to higher education level including a separate subject in Syllabus as Disaster cum Pandemic management and.
  6.  Record of Travelling History as a whole.
  7.  Compulsory medical insurance either by govt or personal.
  8.  Include NGOs to implement at Village and city Levels.
  9. To set up World wide coordination committee.
  10. Feed Back and research in a regular interval from low to a higher level.

Drawbacks or Impact Of Cov-19 situation.

  1. Rumors cause a great impact on the situation,
    During this period so many people influenced others to spread rumors or false information. Like drinking alcohol, Taking Vaccination will become impotent, becoming blind, Avoiding sex, Covid is for Hindus only not for Muslims, etc, etc.
  2.  Not fulfilling Cov-Protocol properly by mass. It is seen people never used masks, even repeatedly using the same mask, touching mask by hand without sanitizing hands, used mask only to avoid police and for formalities.
  3. Suppressing symptoms even suffering from Cov-19. wilfully disturbing other people like stopping, milk, water, electricity in the affected family. Giving false statements by spreading rumors.
  4.  Controlling corruption during that period whatever we saw is really shameful as a human beings. Govt. really failed to control this situation rather gave indulgence to establish their political benefit. I am saying this as a victim I lost most of my valuable time and assets still sacrificed to serve the nation as a responsible citizen.
  5. Need to establish a Welfare Fund to help affected people. Who have lost their businesses or Earning members of the family?

Now, the time for self-introspection. It’s not over yet. We are in the way of recession and re-establishment of our progress. We need unity and co-operation. Now we have to go forward carefully.

Side effects of Vaccination

During taking Vaccine I saw there are no major side effects on me except only mild fever and body ache in the first dose and a little beat weak for a day. And during 2nd dose felt nothing I did my duty after vaccination. Even I have seen many people who didn’t take 2nd dose due to fear of fever and pain. Govt should identify those people immediately.

No sexual or other trouble I have faced and even seen other people nearby me. I think no need to fear this everyone should get the vaccine. So, anyone should follow govt guidelines to yourself and save our mankind. Any problem if arise would consult with your Doctor. No need to be worry be courageous and cool.

Before conclusion, one thing that needs to remember is that we are dependent on each other. “United we stand divided we fall”. Start from oneself today.

Impact Of Cov-19 situation

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