How do I start a beautician career?

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There are some boys and girls who will be beautiful from the small raft and others will like to be beautiful. Then we don’t realize that we can build it as our career. Many people have decided to go to beauty school. So, that they can make people look beautiful as well as feel better about themselves. There are several beauty schools that offer beauty courses and training, claiming that they can teach you the best beauty.

However, choosing the right beauty courses for you is the key. As it is one of your primary components for a profitable and successful career in the makeup industry. Knowing how difficult this decision can be here are some tips that additionally can help you to choose the beauty courses that suit your needs.

So, one can get trained to become a beautician after class 12th. There are a number of beauty training schools which offer courses and the duration of such courses is 9-24 months. Haircare, nail care, and a lot of other things are taught as a part of the course.

How to select the Correct syllabus?

It is essential to choose a beauty course that has an important syllabus for you. Beautician Courses should provide programs on essential topics, general topics include skincare, makeup, haircare, health and nutrition, chemical treatments, manicures and nail care, pedicures, business management, and customer care. A combination of all general subject theory classes and practical classes.

This is why it is important to have a comprehensive syllabus so that you can better understand the beauty techniques used in your school.

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Your nails are there to protect your hands, providing a strong shield as you work with them each day, as well as a barrier – the cuticle – which keeps out environmental pollutants. Regular, professional nail care ensures that your nails stay strong so they can do the job.

Diploma in Beautician Courses.

Course Name & Course Fees
  • Diploma in Hair Styling    INR 18,000
  • Therapy Diploma in Beauty   INR 30,000
  • Diploma in Beauty Technician   INR 25,000
  • Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology   INR 20,000



Standard of the school

It is advisable to enroll in a beauty school with a good reputation and quality facilities for education. Make sure the school you choose has a great track record of having a professional tutor with plenty of experience, as well as brainstorming students moving forward for a successful career.

Top 5 Beauty & Cosmetology Schools In India

  1. VLCC Institute. VLCC institute started by Vandana Luthra is the best beauty academy in India for hairstylists and make-up artists.
  2. Pearl Academy.
  3. Shahnaz Husain Beauty Academy.
  4. Lakmé Academy.
  5. Fat Mu Pro Make-Up School.

Practical training

Beauty courses run the program, where students are given practical training. It is ideal for students because it gives them the opportunity to improve and sharpen their technical skills and gain experience as well as give them the confidence to be a makeup artist. It is important that you take a course that provides practical training so that you can gain the knowledge you need to excel in the industry. In most situations, new students practice what is taught, while students who will soon graduate will practice what is taught to their clients who will pay their supervisors.

hair cutting
Haircutting or hair trimming is intended to create or maintain a specific shape and form.

The opportunity of getting a job

Again when searching for the right beauty courses that suit your needs. It will not be a bad idea to find out if the course you are willing to do has the opportunity of you getting a job placement. This is vital as a lot of businesses and companies have been known to provide employment opportunities and offer jobs to interns and this goes a long way in helping students finding a job after the completion of their beauty courses.


Budget concerns can be a big hurdle for students studying their desired course. Tuition fees for beauty courses can be very high which is why you should choose a course that you can easily afford. Another option if possible is to go to a beauty course that offers discounts and other financial incentives that can help you financially and enable you to study a beauty course of your choice.

body massage spa
A massage is a spa treatment that usually involves a trained therapist placing their hands directly on your body and using varying techniques to work into the skin, muscles, tendons, and other connective tissue.

 Friends, you will make yourself beautiful by choosing this career and try to make everyone beautiful and life becomes beautiful. As I am writing this article because I am a beautician myself. I never thought I would make a career as a beautician. My husband has fulfilled my dream, many many thanks to my husband as he offered me this opportunity. Happiness is found in one’s mind by making someone beautiful. I can’t explain this in writing. Friends, may your beautician’s career journey be happy and joyful.

Thank you.

How do I start a beautician career?

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