Hello India

Hello India

Hello India

Hello India, it’s not an address or Slogan only. It’s the response from the heart of every Indian.
when I was a lad, I had no idea about my future. Now, I can understand and can express myself easily.

Fantastic experience I am going to share with you today. Just have patience and continue your journey with me… And I never make you fool. Maybe it’s a joke or game as you experienced in the era of social media. Have you ever clicked any social media jokes very recently? Oh, no.. sheet you missed something.

Listen to me, if you want to enjoy something then just type Hello India in the Google search bar… Never you back from there! I experienced it just a few days before… Sometimes without your wish, you get something or loosed.
Of course, forget or willingly avoid…

But have you ever looked back on it, why this happened? Maybe, or may not be!!!! In this journey, I will be sharing with you very interesting facts but need support from you. Suppose, you have five hundred in your wallet but left it at home in a hurry.

What will be your reaction? Let’s have your pen open and write down your experience…

Follow me to see the full picture…

Come on, India…

Piklu Chanda


Overall 7 responses were received. Don’t let your opportunity miss to share… Hello India … we will share the best story.


Response 1.

Someone shared very interesting facts, One day when he missed his wallet at home, on that day he met his life partner…