Harmful effects of beauty products

Harmful effects of beauty products

Harmful effects of beauty products

Honestly, makeup has become a necessity for most women and Men also. They believe that they can’t get out of the house without at least five different types of cosmetic products. The market for cosmetics has grown so much that not only are there different cosmetics for each part of the body. But before makeup is marketed to us. The Company claims to make one of the finest products for users and it is tested on animals. Because the cosmetics we believe in make us beautiful are actually full of many harmful chemicals. And despite the fact that these cosmetics temporarily look good to us, in the end, they continue to have an ugly effect. Here are some common side effects of cosmetics that you can apply without a second thought:

Dr. Amit Bangia, Consultant Dermatologist at the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences. “Triclosan found in most antibacterial soaps and deodorants causes skin irritation and infection,” he said. The most common chemical found in beauty products is paraben, which is used as a preservative in deodorants, moisturizers, shampoos, body washes, and makeup. Its chemical composition is similar to that of estrogen and it can be carcinogenic even in small amounts.

A Brief Analysis

Accordingly, men who use paraben products may have lower sperm counts and lower testosterone levels. It can disrupt the endocrine system. In addition, formaldehyde release is found in nail products, hair dyes, hair straighteners, false eyelashes glue, cosmetic glue, and some shampoos that can be associated with cancer and damage the immune system.

It also contains ethanolamine, which contains impurities like nitrosamines and is not usually listed on product labels. It is actually a respiratory, skin, and organ carcinogenic toxin, and is commonly found in soaps, shampoos, hair conditioners, dyes, shaving creams, eyeliners, mascaras, perfumes, and sunscreens.

Dr. Rohit explains, “Hand sanitizer is effective in killing germs but excessive use can also kill good bacteria, exposing your skin to allergens. So, use it in limited quantities.”

Today, most baby wipes on the market contain a chemical called methylisothiazolinone that can cause skin allergies, rashes, and irritation.

How do they affect us?

Harmful effects of beauty products

The following are the harmful effects of cosmetics.

  • Excessive use of Cosmetics

  • Among people is that they cannot look beautiful or handsome if they do not use cosmetics. This dependence can cause many problems and turn into an addiction. Especially for occasions and parties can be avoided if they don’t have cosmetics with them and they can’t do make-up. Everyone created a beautiful gift by the grace of God but people simply believe that they can look more beautiful by using cosmetics.
  • Headache

  • We wear high makeup to look beautiful. Headaches are a common problem if one stays behind makeup for a long time. Sometimes women experience dizziness, fatigue, and nausea after prolonged exposure to high makeup. Even men must have felt the same way. So, a lot of care should be taken while removing makeup. So, makeup is to be chosen very carefully and wear a lesser duration pack to avoid headaches and allergic reactions.
  • Hair Problems:                                                                                                                                              

  •  Hairstyle is a popular and common fashion demand to look, men and women beautiful. Today’s youth find it very cool and try their best for them. Regular use of shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes, gels, and serums can actually damage your hair badly. These look great when used and in general. Obviously, we get a lot of praise for the style but these cosmetics affect the hair. Hair may be thin, with redness on the scalp, hair fall, or dandruff.


  • Anti-Aging:

  • Makeup and moisturizers actually do some damage to the skin and prolonged use can cause wrinkles and other signs of aging. Be careful when choosing your products and make sure their reviews are accurate because not all products on the market are harmful.
  •  Damage to your eyes:

  • Eyes are our windows. it is very important for eye care. In the market, products such as eye shadow, mascara, and other forms of eye makeup can damage the eyes very badly. Girls who wear lenses can damage their eyes because the chemicals present affect the lens material, which can lead to thinning of the lashes and damage such as eye infections.
  • Dangers to the reproductive organs:

  • The use of bath soaps and oils can affect your reproductive organs if they come into direct contact. They can even lead to infertility. It has been found that direct contact with any cosmetic organ containing asbestos can affect the menstrual cycle and other imbalances. Shower gels and shower creams during bathing can have serious harmful effects. So always check the product expiration date and quality feedback.
  •  Dermatitis and Reactions:

  • Dermatitis and reactions are common problems with the use of fairness creams, deodorants, and sunscreens. It can cause permanent discoloration of the skin or severe damage to the skin.
  • Allergies:

  • Different types of allergies are possible with the extra use of cosmetics. Allergies can be to skin, breathing, eating, hair, etc. which can cause itching, discoloration of the scalp, and sometimes even breathing problems. So be careful when choosing your product.



  • Breakout:

  • Hormonal imbalances, some medications, improper diet, etc. can cause breakouts. Dermatologists agree that those with acne-prone skin should limit their use of makeup. Applying less makeup will improve the health of your skin and also reduce blackheads.

 Avoid Sharing your makeup:

  • Sharing your personal makeup with others can spread bacteria. avoid sharing makeup products.

Conclusion words:

Although there are some side effects of applying regular makeup, you can use them by adopting some healthy makeup habits. Also, when you apply makeup products every day, it calls for special care of your skin. Using good skincare products that keep your skin internally hydrated and healthy will secure that the use of cosmetics will not damage your skin.

By Beautician Rupa

As a beautician, I always want to see others as beautiful. To look beautiful be healthy first. Take care of yourself.
Bye Bye…

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