Hair Trimmer Kit

Hair Trimmer Kit

VGR Professional Rechargeable Cordless BeardHair Trimmer Kit Hair Trimmer Kit Guide Combs Brush USB Cord for Men, Family or Pets

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  • High Quality Home Haircuts: Using the blade fitting technology to reduce the friction between the movable knife and the fixed knife, effectively reducing noise. 5 limit combs, novices and shaved gospel. Length as you want, suitable for a variety of haircuts.
  •  Material: Made of detachable stainless steel premium blade with sharp angle design. All-steel acute angle blade is safe, sharp and wear-resistant. The stainless steel not only has high hardness, but also it can be polished automatically without rust.
  • Scope of Use 0 cutter head, ultra short pitch, leaving hair length only 0.1mm, can be used for engraving, trimming, pushing. Low temperature rise, low heat during work, giving you a gentle and comfortable haircut experience.
  • Ergonomic Design: Compact body for easy handling. Moderate size and smooth line offer the comfortable feel, which conform to easy handle principle. The body adopts electroplating process, which will not fade in long for use.
  • 1 year warranty from the date of purchase, you can activate your at or reach out to us at SUPPORT@VGRINDIA.IN 

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