Habits are the Real Asset of Human Life

Habits are the Real Asset of Human Life
Habits are the Real Asset of Human Life

Habits fill people with confidence and people achieve success by relying on self-confidence. This is the normal and just rule.

Human behaviour a look

Human habits are a daily occurrence in life and always reflect the practice or general taste of human life. This means that people are slaves to the habit. Human habits affect one’s family as well as society. I think the conscious minded people has a big role to play in managing human habits.

In some cases, it is also seen that still after the strong influence of the environment on human habits, a very drunk person established himself as a great writer due to his dedicated conscious effort.

Its start effecting on human life from childhood and even from birth. The child’s first responsibility rests with the child’s family, his mother and father. Habits and timely decisions in human life can lead people to their desired path. Habits are just a reflection of human characteristics that are driven by our conscious senses.

Habits are important to grow stronger and stronger over time and become more and more associate with the situation. So keep yourself ready to grow good habits! Habits are so powerful because they create neurological impact on our brain. A certain behavior of habits always have an great impact and helps to send information consistently in the brain to function properly.

We can take the example of the best habits of successful people such as: getting up very early, finishing work on time, practicing music, yoga, sports and doing all these things very sincerely, to make oneself a successful person with a complete personality. It may take some more skill and effort but in the end it may be the most desired result of all success and happiness in life.

The dreams also chases with people


The dream also chases with people

People’s dreams are very important in people’s lives. As life grows, so does the path of human life. The dream also chases with people. It does not leave even in the dire situation of life. It continues to grow and grow.

The dream also shares all the successes and failures in human life. Sometimes we may happy with the receipt and sometimes become tired of the pain of non-receipt. But still new dream reappears without any clues. Depending on the situation of time, people continue to dream and keep pace with each other & dreams never stop the pace of habit in our life.

Again, when some dreams peek silently in the minds of people, they find a place in the book of poems again dreams never stop the pace of habit. And creating a new habit makes us full of perfection. The web of words and rhythms roams the world of imagination through poetry. In this way, dreams become poems and creates a permanent peace in the minds of people.

Practice teaches people to master something


A pure word of a thousand words is the thing that works behind the success in life, is the habit of human life. Practice makes people perfect in one particular subject by focusing on it . Small habits are the real asset of our lives. To maintain it requires endless effort and pursuit .

The best example of our nature being to be explained, if we say that nature is bound by the rules of its habit, all its leaves fall off in the winter season and the leaves grow slowly towards the end of spring. When the leaves turn green, the whole tree slowly flowers and bears fruit.

As usual gives perfection to the development of creation. It seems to be a very normal rule but nature is also a slave to habit. In the same way, habits make people pure & perfect. If you want to get something, you have to practice. Habits fill people with confidence and people achieve success by relying on self-confidence. This is the normal and just rule.

A good habit is a earned behavior that becomes an asset for ones life over time. The habit is a process of continuous effort for a certain context & to achieve a particular skill in life . For instance, you may automatically go for brush your teeth after finishing morning breakfast as part of your morning routine & also do it after your dinner before go to bed. A habit can be healthy, unhealthy, or neutral it totally depends on ones strong will. Without having strong will no one can achieve this quality.

Best when they need it most




People perform best when they need it most

As example, people are used to say that we have no time to do this work. The idea or myth makes a permanent place among the mind of people. People never want to think in reality, they don’t want to try, they don’t want to solve. Just want to fulfill dreams without having any effort expecting for a miracle . What could be a bigger embarrassment than that? If you want to learn to swim, you have to go into the water. You will not learn to swim until you jump in the water by giving up fear. People perform best when they need it most. Necessity teaches people everything this is the normal rule. As long as there is no need, no one will learn anything.

Due to the unfavorable environment, giraffes start eating tree leaves when there was no grass in the field. Then gradually under the influence of habit they change into different species.
When a lion cub grows up with a goat, it does not like to eat raw meat and feeds on grass. But in nature the lion cub is a ferocious animal. We can say above all that the influence of the environment plays a major role in sustaining the life of all the living creatures of nature.

Good habits come in handy at very bad times




Good habits come in handy at very bad times

Good habits come in handy at very bad times in people’s lives. There are ups and downs in human life and human life is very uncertain. Suppose a person who has suddenly made a big loss in business and is unable to make a living needs a regular income. In that case a person with good habits can easily adapt but a person with bad habits cannot easily solve his problem because of his high expenses and lifestyle.

We must learn from nature the simple and beautiful virtues of survival. Nature does everything as normal routine, according to its general rules. Everything is tied to a fixed rules. Human life should be regulated according to our nature. Nature uses recycling processes to survive in every moment . People should learn the tricks & make it regular habit to survive easily & happily.

Finally, most important and certain keys to success. They are: Determination with conscious effort, Skill, Passion and strong Discipline . Determination is necessary to grow strong good habits in life. To me only key of success in life.

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