Castor oilCastor oil is helpful to get rid of Arthritis pain. It is extracted from castor beans also called the Richinas giraffe plant. Light turmeric and concentrated oils are often used as lubricants and dryers in oil-based products used for healing also. The anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties make it the perfect home-based remedy for several ailments, including knee pain.

It can be applied topically and thinly to skin wounds                                            Amazon Buy

Simply applied topically and thinly to skin wounds, sores, swollen areas to relieve pain. It is known to reduce arthritis pain, sciatica, knee injuries, joint pain, and soreness in infected patients.  Effectively fights radicals that cause knee pain and relaxes tense muscles. It increases the number of lymphocytes which protects the body from germs and harmful toxins. These lymphocytes act as soldiers in the immune system – fighting acute pain and the immune system in the knees and joints. The more lymphocytes there are, the easier it is to relieve joint pain.


Castor Oil should be applied to the top of the knee for the best effective results. The compounds present in oil act as a barrier by increasing the number of T-cells within a few days and form a protective wall against harmful pathogens and toxins. Lymphocytes act like white blood cells to fight and prevent viruses and bacteria.

 A type of antibody called T-cells is that protects the body from viral diseases and infections. Castor oil enhances the fight against antibodies. However, it must be remembered that castor oil should be applied over the knee and intact skin lesions to see effective results. You can use castor oil in the form of gel and spray on the external parts of the body to take medicine and relieve pain.

The oil that is often used to relieve arthritis

It packs the same minerals and blends as the original castor oil. There is a non-sticky and thin version of castor oil that is often used to relieve arthritis and joint pain. It is available in the form of a non-sticky and easily absorbable lotion. It is known to be effective for instantly relieving knee and joint pain.

Another popular way to treat knee pain using castor is to combine it with capsaicin. Capsaicin is a compound present in pepper and various types of pepper. Hot and rubbed black pepper is used in alternative medicine worldwide as an effective remedy to prevent muscle pain and a warm formula for the treatment of knee pain, but there is a cooling formula due to the presence of menthol in Cassity Oil. With a combination of both capsaicin and castiva, one can effectively treat knee and joint pain.


That is recommended to use cold-pressed and organic castor oil which is recognized by a yellow color and dense consistency. It should be harvested by a reputed manufacturer. It should contain natural and herbal compounds that have no risks and fewer side effects than chemical-based lotions and muscle relief lotions. A small amount of castor oil can be applied on top but you can make a castor pack and wrap to get rid of the effective pain. Below are the ingredients and guidelines for making a castor pack:


  • Cold-pressed castor oil – 3 tbsp (depending on the size of the plastic wrap or cloth)
  • Plastic wrap or cloth – 1-2
  • Heating pad – 1
  • Sterile cotton balls – 2-3
  • Towels – 2


Castor oil is helpful to Arthritis
  • Place in a warm plastic wrap or cloth.
  • Let it soak for a while before drying.
  • Apply 3 tablespoons or less of castor oil on the wrap.
  • Make a thin layer of oil before carefully wrapping it around the knee.
  • Hold the castor oil pack for the next 8-10 hours, mostly overnight.
  • Use a heating pad to heat the castor pack at equal intervals.
  • Use a towel to clean the oil splash from the application – near the knee or any other part of the body.
  • Remove the castor oil wrap after 8-10 hours.
  • Can be used a warm wet towel to clean the oil from the knees.
  • You can repeat this remedy once a day until you have pain in your knees.

Of course, a more effective remedy for knee pain can be made by mixing cooling castor oil lotion and a hot pepper rub.

Source Indian Ayurveda

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