A Faith Source of all Inspiration

A Faith Source of all Inspiration

Conflict of faith is disbelief hidden in our minds.

If I were to say a little bit about where faith is born in me, may be someone would call me crazy. Because of the fact that we all know that may be no one wants to admit its existence. One of the main reasons for this conflict of faith is disbelief hidden in our minds. The wall of which we never wanted to try to break through, but the reason is hidden within ourselves. In fact, we want to try everything on our own and that’s where disbelief begins. Our existence stands only on a point of faith like walking in a rope.

When in Childhood my Elder Brother suppose to come and tell me,’ Brother this is a ball’, we used to say it in vague language ‘ball’. This is where my faith is born. My brother said so to tell me, there is no room for any more questions or doubts. Again, when my mother came and told me that you would not do that job, it is not right. The question would never come, why it is not right? In the depths of our conscious or unconscious mind and sense obviously and exactly accepts that glimpse without any doubt. Rather it cannot be called anything but faith.


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Expectations turn misleading our Holy Spirit

When I start going to school, Teacher explains that the earth revolves around the sun and also teaches,’ The Sun Rises in the East and sets in the west’. Our conscious or subconscious mind never expressed doubts. When gradually we grew up and learned that if the Earth Revolve around the sun, then how the sun goes from East to West, the earth revolves around the sun and the sun is fixed. The conflict begins when we learn to know or understand something. It begins when we want to get our full share but to be satisfied with bringing a portion only, then the barrier of our faith starts to break .And all of our education and reforms begins to divert only in conflicts & confusion and start affecting our inner consciousness.

So, we can assume that where the expectations and power is exists, ‘the beginning of the disaster’. Interest is the root of all conflicts in human being. Whether it is gaining knowledge, money, power or gaining anything else. Expectations turn misleading our Holy Spirit and Spreads Confusion in us & have a great impact on our known belief, knowledge and existence of our subconscious minds. It would not be wrong to say that its a kind of new faith and leads us in the beginning of the crisis of identity and existence.

Faith teaches people to trust on ourselves.

If I say the simple solution to overcome hesitation, it is faith in oneself. Faith teaches people to trust on ourselves. And another simple and straight forward example, ’Faith is the foundation for which we should build a strong construction on it’. It should be very easy for us to understand that there just can be no strong construction on a weak foundation. A person without faith can never become confident. He is forced to live a life without spine.

Many times I have faced such a difficult situation but I have not given up my faith. I have run with confidence only. I have never been afraid and I trusted people again & again. I have cheated again and again but never gave up and never lost faith. My faith always inspire me to continue with good will & strong attitude to face any situation confidently & also allow my sense to belief on people the wonderful creation of God.

Beginning and the end, only a faith and self belief.

I firmly believe that life will only stop when death comes and embraces me but I will never surrender under any circumstances. I have cheated many times by ill motivated friends but I have never learned to cheat anyone. I have felt the pain of losing and cheating in my mind. Beginning and the end, only a faith and self belief.

More and more self-confidence has been born as I know myself & my goal. During this journey of life inspiration remained with me only is my faith. Being poor & helpless and getting acquainted with the truth that cannot be left so easily. I can say the beginning and the end is only faith and belief. From the day of my existence it was created and eventually grown up in my sense and mind. I have proceeded on the basis of faith. I will continue my journey based on faith till the last stop of my life.


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All worldly power stands at a point of belief

If it is really wrong to believe people, then I have made that mistake again and again, and I will not give up faith even if I have to be selfless for as long as I live.

I think that is my firm conviction and that people can never make a mistake even if it is a mistake to fall prey to a momentary delusion or situation to engage in some evil deed and to accept it as untrue for a moment. No one can deny the importance of life and the real truth but it can be delayed for a while. How many times I have realized the truth and speaking with faith can never be wrong.

How cannot we respond to the call of the almighty Infinite when it calls us from a far to fulfill its way? Hesitation is just only a subtle attempt by our subconscious mind to take the first step towards the goal. How it can be wrong! The role of nature is very cruel if it comes to embrace you no one can stay far away.

The  first onset of faith establishes

Our self-realization and self-reliance. The perfect example of the creation of almighty that is faith and which has a taste of contentment in every corner of nature. We firmly believe that trees also have life, but why not trust people. Should it be desirable that we don’t trust anyone? It can not be denied anyway that human being is the best creation of nectar?

We have to assume that it is desirable that we have no intention to make the radiant creation of the Infinite flow its manifestation. All worldly power stands at a point of belief. Sometimes there is an invisible point, we don’t understand, here maybe we have to go a little wrong and be humiliated. But the child created by nectar can never be misguided & lost very easily and early. I firmly believe that people should be forgiven for their mistakes.

© 2021 Piklu Chanda


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