Month: March 2023

A2Z Facts of Website Designing – 2023

What are domain and hosting? A domain is a unique web address that is used to identify a website on the internet. It is part of the URL that comes after the “www” and before the “.com” or another domain extension. For example, in the URL “ A2Z of Website Designing Facts- 2023 “, “” … Read more

How does Google promote your Website? And How to Generate Website Revenue in:2023

How does Google promote your Website? Google promotes websites primarily through its search engine results pages (SERPs). When a user enters a search query into Google, the search engine crawls its index of websites to find the most relevant and useful pages that match the user’s search intent. Well-optimized Websites have a better chance of … Read more

The Importance of Digital Marketing in Business

What is digital marketing? The Importance of Digital Marketing in Business! Digital marketing is the use of digital channels. Such as search engines, social media, email, and websites, to promote a product, service, or brand. It involves various techniques and strategies to reach and engage with target audiences online.  The ultimate goal of driving traffic, … Read more

A Fairy Tale of Bihar boy Amarjit Jaykar

I am going to talk about a Facebook viral story of a sensational Bihar Boy. You must have heard a Fairy Tale by Bihar boy Amarjit Jaykar. A dream story of a boy in a village. If you talk about fairy tales, you will know that the rising sun is very expensive but the setting … Read more

One-Stop Solution: Financial Start-Up

Starting a business can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Here are some steps to get started: One-Stop Solution: Financial Start-Up Define your niche: Identify a specific financial need or problem that your startup will solve. This can be anything from personal finance management to investment advice or even specialized financial services for a particular … Read more

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day ভোটটা ছিল মজার জিনিস গোলাপ ফুলের গন্ধ ভ্যালেন্টাইন্স এ আত্মহারা, দিনটা নয়কো মন্দ। মজার মজার ছন্দ শুনি ভোটবাজারে কবি, আলু,পিঁয়াজ ও মসুর ডালে খুব জমেছে ছবি। গ্রাম শহরে, এক ই মেজাজ ছুটছে সবাই নাচি! গলায় গলায় কোলাকুলি বাবা, ভোটটা গেলেই বাঁচি। ফুলকো লুচির গন্ধ শুঁকে, সেদ্ধ ভাতে পেটটা ভরি, গোলাপ ফুলের দাম সে … Read more

Analysis of Exit Poll Tripura Assembly:2023

EXIT POLL AND SENTIMENTS OF PEOPLE Analysis of Exit Poll Tripura Assembly:2023. Exit polls in India are surveys conducted by various polling agencies immediately after the voting process ends in an election. Meanwhile, the poll aims to predict the outcome of the election before the Election Commission of India announces the official results. Exit polls … Read more