[10:10 PM, 1/2/2022] Piklu Chand: Tripura Darpan: If India wins the 2nd Test, they will be the first Indian team to win a Test series in South Africa. The spectators are now 1-0 up in the series after a sympathetic 113-run victory over the Proteas in the opening match of the series. 100th Test Match for Virat.

Virat Kohli, who is just one Test away from his historic achievement, has been suffering from poor batting form for some time. He finished 2021 without a century in international cricket. Similarly, in 2020, Virat failed to score a century in international cricket. The last time he scored a huge international century was in 2019 against Bangladesh at the iconic Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

India v SA, 2nd Test: India aim to win historic first series in South Africa; Check out the predicted playing XI

“It was not difficult to keep the morale high in South Africa because it was led by the captain himself. Virat Kohli has been remarkable in the last 20 days, the way he has practiced, he said on the eve of practice,” Dravid said in the second Test against South Africa.

“I couldn’t pronounce him the way he was committed to his own preparation. And also the way he connected himself to the group on and off the field. Is, “he added.

Head Coach Rahul Dravid on the issue of Virat Kohli not appearing in front of the media

Virat Kohli did not appear in front of the media due to his sensational pressure over the “captaincy controversy”.

Usually, a captain addresses the press on the eve of a Test match but Virat Kohli did not appear before the media for a pre-match press conference before the 1st and 2nd India vs SA Tests.

“There is no such thing. He is playing his 100th Test match. The media manager decides all this. He wants to be in front of the media just before his 100th Test match. I hope you all make it an important occasion,” the former Indian player explained.

Dravid further emphasized that it was a matter of time before India’s middle-order batsmen like Ajinkya Rahane and Cheteshwar Pujara started running.

“Different factors can happen. There are stages in your career where you are probably batting well but not getting big scores. And it happens to everyone, but the good thing is that they seem to be batting really well. It’s just the beginning,” said Dravid.

“They know how to convert. It’s not that these guys don’t know how to make big runs. So it’s a matter of time. I really hope we see some really good performances in the coming days,” he added.

Not too much about the weather says, coach Dravid

“The weather has been good for the last few days. The pitch is getting better. There must be something for ordinary Wanderer’s wickets and bowlers. Batting can be tough towards the end. Rahul said.

Rahul Dravid opens his mouth with a slow over-rate point penalty handed over to India

“It is difficult. We are playing with four-seamers. It is disappointing that we lost one point due to a slow over-rate. It is difficult to get points abroad. We have to improve and get better,” Dravid told reporters.

Rahul Dravid assures that despite winning India v SA 1st Test, Team India did not lose focus

“We are aware of the fact that in the past we slipped after winning a match. The boys know this fact well and they have discussed it. It makes it easier for a coach when the boys discuss it in the dressing room.

“I don’t know why, but for some reason, we’ve always done well at Wanderers. Maybe because of the familiarity with the city, maybe because of the pitch.

“We came close to winning a Test match in the ’90s. The rain denied us, I can still remember that match. We didn’t have that much depth in our bowling then we have what we have now. When I came here as captain in 2006 and won a Test match. Which was also a good memory, ”said coach Dravid.
The Virat Kohli-led Indian cricket team is set to lock the horns with hosts South Africa in the second Test of the India-South Africa three-match series starting in Johannesburg on Monday.

India Declared its 1-day Squad against SA today

100th Test Match for Virat


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